Numbers letters of the alphabet

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Using plastic Easter eggs is a great way to make practicing numbers and letters more fun. Here are 5 ways to learn using plastic Easter eggs, with a letter version and numbers letters of the alphabet version for each. Number version: Use a sticker or permanent marker to number Easter eggs. Letter version: Label the eggs with letters and provide pictures or small objects beginning with each of the letters.

I have finally learned that it’s best not to overwhelm them with the whole alphabet. What works best for us is a few familiar letters and one or two others. Number version: Hide numbered Easter eggs. As kids find them, they can put them in the correct order. Label the egg carton if your child needs help putting them in the correct order. Letter version: Use a segment of the alphabet instead of numbers. Number version: Gather your numbered eggs and hide something small inside one of them.

Call your child into the room and tell them which number egg has the surprise inside. Letter version: Label the eggs with letters instead of numbers. Number version: Play the Memory game but instead of matching identical pictures, match a number to the corresponding number of dots. Letter version: Match the letter to a picture of an object with the same beginning sound. Younger learners could just match identical numbers or letters.

Number version: Set out baskets or large bowls labeled with numbers. Tell kids to help out the Easter Bunny by delivering the correct number of eggs to each basket. Make it even more fun by having the kids deliver each egg by balancing it on a spoon. Letter version: Decide on a way to sort the letters.