Nutritionists advised to eliminate sausages from the children's daily menu




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Doctors say that children should not be spoiled with sausages – this can be dangerous for health. Especially if the sausages are fried or smoked.

If no sausages go anywhere, then try to minimize them in the children's diet and pamper your baby on occasion.

The nutritionist at the Research Institute of Healthcare and Medical Management at the Moscow Depot Viktoria Egorova from Russia emphasizes that people themselves are laying the wrong eating habits of their children.

If a mom or dad eats sausage, sausages and with a huge amount of mayonnaise in addition, then what to expect from the baby – he will repeat the behavior of parents, so do not use it often. Children with diapers need to instill a healthy diet.

We must not forget that the diet of a five-year-old baby will be very different from what a teenager is eating, according to RIA Novosti.

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