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Flash will not work on phones or tablets. Can you see the black arrows on the left side of the game? Click on those to change the head, body and legs of the animal. Look at the instructions on the right.

Keep clicking on the arrows until you have the correct combination. Sorry that you are having problems with the game. You may need to update your version of Flash or enable Flash in your browser. Can you ask an adult to help you?

Unfortunately some of our games don’t work on mobile phones or tablets. If you’re using a computer you may need to update your version of Flash – can you ask an adult to help you? If you still have a problem, please ask them to email us. Courses Find a face-to-face or online course near you. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. 403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied.

In this section you can listen to fun chants to hear how we use grammar. You can also play games and print activities to help you understand. Have fun saying tongue twisters in English. Saying tongue twisters can be difficult at first, so don’t worry if you can’t do it very well to begin with. Just keep practising and have fun!

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