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A huge new recall of eggs applies to Florida. More than 200 million eggs from a Parenting baby magazines free Carolina farm have been recalled because of bacterial contamination.

The recall includes eggs sold in Florida. On the same day a Georgia newspaper reported the arrest of 15 in connection with a child predator ring that reached to Oregon, a group from Google arrived in Deerfield Beach to impress on 150 of Deerfield Beach Middle School students the importance of privacy. NEWARK – The fifth-graders of Yolanda Bromfield’s digital-privacy class had just finished their lesson on online-offline balance when she asked them a tough question: How would they act when they left school and reentered a world of prying websites, addictive phones and online scams? Parental feeding styles can have consequences for kids. Yes, feeding children can be challenging. They may start rejecting foods they once loved or feel too afraid to try new ones. Florida students are assigned to schools based on where they live, but open enrollment allows them to attend any school where space is available.

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