Parenting class 5

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Tremont Library in the Bronx, New York is a fee-for-service agency offering parent education workshops and agency trainings throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn communities. We work to provide solutions for families who face parenting challenges, want to end abusive parenting practices, and wish parenting class 5 reunite and maintain the families in their community. At PTN, our mission is to provide quality parent educational classes and trainings, assist families and community organizations to keep families together,  reuniting ,  prevent and end abusive parenting practices.

Our goal is to help families stay together and solidify their core structure and values while preventing child removal as well as practices pertaining to all types of abuse in the home. Every child has the right to be raised by good parenting standards. Every parent wants the best and to raise healthy families within their own communities. Every family carries a richness of diversity and culture. All families have strengths and values that ought to be respected.