Parenting school years june 2013

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I recently finished The Strong, Sensitive Parenting school years june 2013 by Ted Zeff. I found the book very insightful into my son’s sensitivity and wanted to share with you what I have discovered. If you suspect your son may be highly sensitive, here is a questionnaire for you to take.

I began to suspect my first child was highly sensitive when he was a toddler, and I ran across this questionnaire then. I checked “true” on every single thing on that list. He was, and is, a wonderful child, but dealing with his high sensitivity hasn’t always been easy, and is, at times, quite perplexing. Something the author discusses in this book is how our culture, particularly here in America, is hostile to sensitivity. We live in a society that disdains sensitivity so that sensitive boys are bullied and misunderstood.

The sensitive boy who reacts deeply to stimuli and exhibits emotional sensitivity is perfectly normal. As I said, I began to realize my own son’s sensitivity when he was a toddler. I didn’t realize then that perhaps the textures of some foods bothered him. He was extremely witty for a 2 year old, and he also noticed subtle changes as said on the questionnaire.