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The fact that parents are an example to follow the child has long been an indestructible paradigm. But do we pay due attention to this? It does not matter to the child what kind of example he imitates, good or not. Often, parents are surprised where the baby comes from this or that trait in behavior, but you should take a closer look at yourself.

It is very important to understand that parents are the first example to follow in the life of a child, these are his first teachers. And it is they who lay the foundation of his personality. Based on their example, he will develop.

It is the parents who should begin to explain to the child what is good and what is bad. All future preferences of the child are laid in childhood. For example, taste preferences, the type of activity that he chooses.

Be sure to often talk with the child, then he will feel that he is surrounded by attention and care, will feel necessary and try to behave in return as well. The kid must constantly say that you love him. Do not hide the emotional manifestations, since the first years of life it was with them that the child lives and perceives the surrounding world.

Try to spend as much time as possible together, as a family. Even if you have very little free time, you should not refuse joint dinners.

If you have any bad habits, try to hide them from the child. If he sees that you smoke, drink or swear, then it is likely that he will behave in exactly the same way.

Develop a child. If you play sports, accustom him to this, take it with you. Buy a variety of educational games, but don’t get him to play one at the beginning, play with him, spark interest in him.

It is very important to listen carefully to the child. If possible, try to answer all his questions as honestly as possible. He learns the world and how it will be in his eyes primarily depends on his parents.

Already from childhood, a child needs to instill good habits and etiquette. At first, it may not be noticeable whether he perceived it or not, but when he grows up, his upbringing will prove itself.

Teach your child to respect other people's work, to appreciate what others do for him. May he be pleased not only to take, but also to give from early childhood.

Many parents complain that they do not understand why their child grew up with such a bad character. You should always remember that what your child will be depends on you first of all.



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