Pathology of child development

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Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping you and your child with all aspects of speech, language and learning development. We can also assist pathology of child development child with literacy development such as written language, reading and spelling.

Our experienced clinicians specialise in particular areas of Speech Pathology and all work under the Centre’s core commitment of genuine individual care. She is available to¬†present on a variety of topics. Your first contact will probably be with our office staff, who will take down details about the age of your child and what you are concerned about. A speech pathologist will then contact you to discuss this in more detail and to arrange an appointment time for an assessment. If your child is having problems with one of these areas we can help.

Personalised Therapies Each child’s therapy is individualised according to their needs. The Spalding Method, Lindamood-Bell Phoneme Sequencing and Seeing Stars Programs, Visualising and Verbalising, The Lindamood Program and MULTILIT. Welcome to Chatter-boxes Speech Pathology Services Did you know that 1 in 7 Australians has a communication difficulty? Chatter-boxes Speech Pathology was established here on the Sunshine Coast in 2002 and has provided high quality, evidence based care for children and their families, community screening, kindy talks and mentoring in that time. We have become the first port of call for many parents, medical professionals and educators looking for child-development and family support services. Our office has EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities.

We are registered with most Private Health Funds, have Helping Children with Autism Funding, Better Start Funding, Helping Indigenous Children Funding and Enhanced Primary Care Plans. For more information on these programs please call our office. Frequently Asked Questions Question: How long will my child need speech therapy for? Answer: As each child is an individual, it is hard to answer this question until the assessment has been completed. Most children require a minimum of six sessions. However depending on the disorder, its severity, the amount of homework you do and your child’s motivation to learn, the number of sessions will vary.

Question: What does speech pathology involve? Answer: The first thing that needs to be done is an assessment. An assessment specific to your child’s needs will be chosen and administered during the first session. From there your therapist will discuss therapy goals with you and develop an individualized program for your child.

Question: Sometimes my child is shy and won’t talk to new people. Answer: We have a wide range of interesting and irresistible toys we use in our sessions. While it may take some children 5 or 10minutes to “warm-up” we are usually able to entice them to talk and build a relationship with them by the end of the first session. Most kids don’t want to go home. Developmental guidelines: Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether your child’s speech and language skills are developing appropriately. Chatter-Boxes is part of the Sunshine Coast Children’s Development Centre¬†incorporatating Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Family Dietitian, Psychology and food School.

Please forward this error screen to 69. A note on full workshops: If the workshop you are interested in is full, we encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist. This will ensure that you are the first to know if a spot becomes available or if a second workshop has been booked. Canada or the USA, or an international equivalent as assessed by The Hanen Centre. Australia or New Zealand, or an international equivalent as assessed by The Hanen Centre. UK or Ireland, or equivalent as assessed by The Hanen Centre.

Hanen workshops fill up quickly, so if you see a workshop that interests you, we recommend that you register as soon as possible. Remember to revisit this schedule often, as it’s updated frequently. You can be alerted of newly scheduled workshops by registering for email notification. Sign up for workshop notification and we’ll keep you updated on new trainings in your area! Host a workshop and bring Hanen to your community. If your child has never been evaluated by a speech and language pathologist or it’s been more than six months since the evaluation, schedule a comprehensive SCT evaluation to get started. We are a dedicated team of speech and language pathologists who believe in thoughtful, personalized therapy for happy and successful families and kids.

Together let’s help your child play and explore the world. We go beyond flashcards and text-book techniques to find what truly motivates your child. SCT offers classes, socialization groups and therapy strategies that build upon your child’s strengths for overall improvements. We strive to help our kids make consistent progress and develop the confidence and skills necessary to lead happy, successful and communicative lives.