Pediatricians dispelled major misconceptions regarding children's health


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Parents should be careful about the health of their children, as a fragile body is most susceptible to the development of diseases.

What misconceptions pediatricians urge to stop believing:

1. Reading while lying is harmful. It was not scientifically possible to identify the fact that a pose in the reading process can affect vision. The most important factors to worry about are the level of coverage and the font of the publication. Do not buy books with too small letters: text brought too close can really impair vision.

2. Walking without a hat is the cause of meningitis. Of course, in the cold windy season, children are better off wearing a hat, but its absence will not lead to meningitis, since the causative agent of the disease is harmful microorganisms.

3. Children should be protected from any diseases. Many mothers and fathers try not to take their children to school or kindergarten if they find out that cases of a cold have become more frequent. However, you should not do this: paradoxically, it sounds, but children need to be sick, because only this way resistance to diseases begins to develop.

4. Tablets impair vision. This gadget in many ways can be more convenient than a smartphone for solving tasks related to studies: for example, it is much more convenient to read or watch a training video on it. Scientists have not identified a relationship between the tablet and visual impairment. It’s just worth remembering that in everything you need to be guided by a sense of proportion. Also, do not allow to use any devices 2-3 hours before bedtime, as the emitted light can lead to insomnia. You should not encourage mobile gaming, as the child may develop a stable gaming addiction.

5. A heavy backpack will cause scoliosis. This statement does not withstand any criticism from the point of view of science: the weight of the portfolio cannot damage the spine. Scoliosis appears for completely different reasons. For example, it can be congenital or form as a result of an injury. So do not worry about the severity of textbooks and other school supplies.

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