Pediatricians gave 3 tips to parents of first graders


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For first-graders, as well as for their parents, the first school year is given especially hard, because you need to restructure not only under the new regime of the day, but also begin to gain new knowledge.

School and kindergarten are very different in terms of discipline requirements, so at first it will be very difficult for children. To prevent stress from causing health problems, pediatricians gave 3 important tips to parents of future students:

1. Accustom them to the new daily routine in advance. During the summer holidays, the children strayed from the schedule, so you should remind them again about what time to get up and go to bed. Start practicing now.

2. Take care of proper nutrition. Of course, in the school cafeteria and buffet the child will not be able to eat anything harmful, since only those products that do not harm the health of the child are on sale. It is worth making sure that the child does not receive harmful food outside the walls of the school – chips, fast food, soda.

3. Hygiene. Of course, your teacher will ensure that the children wash their hands before eating, but it will not be superfluous to recall once again the importance of this issue.

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