Pediatricians named the best age of children to start playing sports




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Experts in the field of pediatric medicine from Italy told at what age it was best for children to start doing sports activities.

Moreover, to the best of our knowledge, sports at a young age will have positive consequences in the future – the risk of developing various diseases is reduced.

By the way, sports at a young age can in absentia cure diseases such as diabetes, various diseases with the cardiovascular system, obesity and asthma.

According to physicians, it is advisable to give children on rhythm and gymnastics when they reach the age of five.

Intensive training is allowed only after eight years.

And then the doctors gave the following recommendations:

Skis – from 4 years;
Football – from 6 years;
Martial arts – from 8 years;
Fencing and tennis – not earlier than 7 years;
Basketball and volleyball – exclusively from 10 years.

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