Pediatricians told that in no case can not be done with the baby


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Caring for an infant requires special attention and effort.

Fortunately, a huge amount of literature can help young parents. However, in contrast to the authoritative opinion of doctors there is always the same authoritative opinion of grandmothers, who believe that they know more and better, because they have already raised children.

As practice shows, the advice of representatives of the previous generation is largely useless, and sometimes even dangerous.

Consider the main points that in no case can not be done with the baby.

Bathe until healing of the umbilical wound

It is widely believed that the infant needs daily bathing literally after returning from the hospital. But it's not right. It is better to wait until the baby has the rest of the umbilical cord, and the wound becomes clean and dry. Having bathed the baby before the healing of the wound, you risk bringing infection.

Pediatricians recommend simply to wash out the baby and wipe with a damp cloth. And that will be enough.

To sleep on the tummy

When the child learns to roll over, he will choose for himself a comfortable position for sleeping. But while the crumb can not do this on their own, sleep on his stomach is contraindicated.

Late with a diaper change

Newborns per day write up to 20 times. Be prepared for the fact that the diaper will have to be changed very often. This can not be saved. The tender skin of a baby is very fast and can become covered with a rash. In addition, a full diaper when cooled can cause a baby to freeze, just like in wet diapers.

Lay down to sleep in a lounge chair

Nothing bad will happen if the child sleeps for one hour in a lounge chair or car seat. But to sleep for a long time and especially all the night in no case be impossible. Newborns have very weak neck muscles that may suffer if they are not properly positioned in a lounge chair or car seat.

Check out the bed side

Oddly enough, it sounds, especially in the wake of the popularity of these bedding decorations. However, any soft objects and textiles in the crib are dangerous for the baby. He can choke with his nose buried in them.

Leave the baby alone on the changing table

You can not do this even for a “second” and even if the baby does not know how to roll over. Your child may decide to master this skill at any time, even the most inappropriate, and injuries with a fall are fraught with serious consequences.

Allow plenty to shout

This is extremely bad advice. His, as a rule, especially love grandmothers. Proved that prolonged crying is very harmful to the human nervous system. Newborns do not cry because of whims, but because they are not psychologically ready to be alone.

Shake vigorously

Great motion sickness or shaking is deadly to the infant. Never throw a child on a soft mattress or pillow.


The system of thermoregulation of babies is designed in such a way that the child quickly overheats and cools with difficulty. No need to wrap the child blankets. If a child cries out loud, this is a clear sign that he is uncomfortable.

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