Pediatricians told who should not eat hematogen


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Hematogen is very popular among both children and adults.

Going to the pharmacy for the medicine, we now and then buy this delicacy.

However, one should not forget that hematogen, in the first place, is a drug, the use of which is contraindicated to many.

What useful and dangerous properties bears a seemingly innocuous delicacy, said experienced doctors.

Translated from the Greek, "hematogen" means "giving birth to blood," that is, this delicacy directly affects blood formation.

To begin, consider the composition of the hematogen.

The active ingredient is black food albumin, made from dried blood of cattle. The bar also contains iron, vitamin A, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and amino acids. All these substances are balanced in such a way as to repeat the composition of human blood.

To improve the taste, condensed milk, vanillin, molasses is added to the tile.

The use of hematogen is that it promotes better absorption of iron, helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, strengthens the immune system.

However, like any drug, hematogen has an acceptable rate.

The daily rate of hematogen for adults and children from 12 years old is 50 grams. Children from 3 years are allowed to eat only 20 grams.

Hematogen can be taken after emotional and physical exertion, as well as after illness as a recovery.

It is very important to know that an overdose of this product leads to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache. For this reason, never give children hematogen as a treat.

It is equally important to know how to eat hematogen:

Do not drink it with milk, tea or coffee. Hematogen must be washed down with a glass of water;
Hematogen is incompatible with dietary supplements and calcium.

Like any medicine, hematogen has contraindications. In this case, it is diabetes, obesity, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy.

Before you buy hematogen, carefully study the composition on the label.

This hematogen necessarily contains black food albumin. If this substance is not in the composition, then you have in your hands a useless high-calorie delicacy.

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