Preparation of children for school training courses

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In January 2018, changes were made to preparation of children for school training courses law regarding immigration bail. Rights without remedies: legal aid and access to justice for children draws on evidence from CCLC’s legal advice services.

LASPO’s changes were broad, and fundamentally altered the UK’s justice system. As such, the government committed to review the Act within five years of its implementation. Now that this review is underway, we urge the government to examine in particular the impact on children’s rights of the legal aid changes, and to take steps to address this impact through implementing the recommendations in this report. No child should be left without access to justice. Check the Dutch and English schedules and course pages for more information. Find out more about our school in this interview with Josien Deknatel, the founder and director of Kickstart.

Tailored courses Companies can book special Dutch and English courses that are specifically tailored to a company’s particular needs and requirements. Surcharges for intakes, course development, and reports are dependent upon the amount of time required and will be discussed when developing the course proposal. Josien’s support is always spot on and very intuitive in relation to personal circumstances. Entering the Kickstart school premises alone gives you a push of energy and the commitment this will help to create is hardly unmatched in any other language school.

The methodology and the approach used in the lessons also helps smoothly unlock the secrets of everyday Dutch. Kickstart School has helped me get in touch with the ‘undutchable’ culture of the Netherlands and its people. I really enjoyed my English lessons with the Kickstart School. The teacher was professional and really knew the subject. The way they teach is also great! The classes are presented in a clear and professional manner and the online exercises completed at home are very helpful. The teacher always provided useful feedback.

It’s a great experience to join a Kickstart course with such a friendly atmosphere of students and teachers. Kickstart has been the ideal place for me to learn. The teachers are very helpful and friendly and have always gone the “extra mile” to help me learn in a positive way. Their teaching is practical with elements that can immediately be applied to everyday living situations.

My first contact with Kickstart School was after 1 month of living in The Netherlands, when I started to study Dutch. At the time I didn’t have any knowledge of the language, but with their courses organized by levels I developed important language skills and learned about the Dutch culture. During my time with Kickstart I have learned a lot and gained confidence. I was always challenged by the interesting assignments, but never too much. I have really enjoyed the classes! So much so that I’m now considering taking the integration exam and Dutch nationality.

New Intensive English Courses From January 2018, Kickstart will offer Intensive English Courses to help people improve their language skills in a short period of time. These Intensive English Courses are offered at two levels: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. 5 hours of tuition for each course is divided into 25 lessons of 3. ALL OUR COURSES CAN BE FINANCED WITH SCHOLARSHIPS by European Program ERASMUS PLUS.