Preschool education degree General education

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84th ranking of government expenditure on preschool education degree General education worldwide. After the fall of medieval Serbian state, among newly established schools were Slavic and Latin schools. In 1778, Serbian primary school Norma was established in Sombor.

In 1791, Gymnasium of Karlovci, the oldest Serbian gymnasium, was established. During the First Serbian Uprising, Belgrade Higher School was established in 1808. In 1838, in Kragujevac, Liceum of Serbian Principality was established. It was moved to Belgrade in 1841.

In 1863, it merged into the Belgrade Higher School. It had 3 faculties: philosophy, engineering and law. University of Belgrade was established in 1905. Serbian implemented the system from the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. 5 for preschools and at least 15 for primary and high schools. Parent councils propose excursions, watch over actions involving students’ money and debate about events happening in school.

In schools without Student council, Parent council solely practices all aforementioned actions. As of school year 2009-2010, all 1st grade primary school students are granted textbooks for free, provided they return them at the end of school year “usable”. Free textbooks in higher grades were only available for poor students in the past, but now students in Belgrade get their textbooks free of charge but are bound to return them at the end of the school year. The grading system is numeric and is present in this form through elementary school and high school. Higher schools and universities use grades from 5 to 10. Foreign citizens and stateless students are enrolled on the same principle as Serbian citizens are. All students have to submit their medical report when proceeding to the next educational level.

A psychologist’s report is also needed if enrolling in primary school. Compulsory vaccinations, physical examinations and dental checkups are carried out in schools for free. Also, during compulsory school running races and similar events, medical teams are always present. Primary schools can have cafeterias which provide students with meals for the lowest price.

They offer mostly croissants with the filling, but some have hamburgers, french fries and more. Some schools offer cooked meals, but their cost is much higher. Preschool education is attended during the 1st grade enrollment year. It lasts for at least 4 hours a day for at least 6 months.

After it, students pass an exam of ability to attend primary school. 4th grade of secondary school, for which it lasts 9 months. 3 months for those proceeding to high school or university. Exam period is conducted several times during times of primary and secondary education holidays. As of school year 2006-2007, preschool in duration of 6 months is compulsory and it is the first part of compulsory education. Attended at the age of 5 or 6 in the local kindergarten, it familiarizes students with the educational system.