Preschool phonics lessons online

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Phonics is the understanding of how letters combine to make sounds and words, which is a crucial step toward learning to read. Phonics success comes by progressing through these skills carefully with frequent reinforcement and review. Time4Learning systematically teaches phonics as part of an integrated reading preschool phonics lessons online language arts program. Our animated characters will engage your student while building a solid reading foundation.

Phonics Curriculum Phonics curriculum usually starts with teaching letters, slowly creating a working knowledge of the alphabet. Children learn the sounds of each letter by associating it with the word that starts with that sound. Phonics skills grow through reading activities, and students learn to distinguish between vowels and consonants and understand letter combinations such as blends and digraphs. While a phonics curriculum is a critical step in learning to read, many parents and educators forget that before you can succeed with a phonics curriculum, you must teach phonemic and phonological awareness. Time4Learning makes sure that the children have the necessary pre-phonics skills to be successful with a phonics curriculum.

Learn more about Time4Learning’s reading and online phonics curriculum available through our web-based educational system. Try one of our interactive lesson demos. Phonemic Awareness Phonemic awareness involves the understanding of the relationship between sounds and words. Contrary to popular belief, phonemic awareness does not appear when young children are learning to talk, because this pre-phonics skill not necessary for speaking and understanding spoken language.

However, phonemic awareness is critical for a successful phonics curriculum. Pre-Reading Activities for Students Parents can do a variety of reading activities to enhance a phonics curriculum. Start with showing your child the letters of the alphabet, spell their name and sound it out to them. Help your preschool student learn the letters in their name. Encourage your preschooler to pay attention to the sounds in words, and make language a game. Here at Letter Stadium, first graders learn about “r-controlled vowels” from the Phonics Football Players.

Early Reading Activities for Students By the end of kindergarten, students should know the letters and their corresponding sounds. Your phonics curriculum should use reading activities that will help your student identify words that begin with the same sounds and reinforce letter recognition. Use reading activities that show your child the difference between upper and lowercase letters. Be careful not to push your kindergartener too hard.