Preschool winter crafts kids

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Need a way preschool winter crafts kids occupy the kids when it’s too cold to go outside? I come stay with you until June?

Stay busy and have fun learning with these 25 winter books and craft projects for preschoolers and beginning readers. Book: Winter Trees: A boy and his dog stroll through the winter forest discovering seven different types of trees. A fun early introduction to tree identification and a great way to encourage appreciation for nature. Craft:  Make a snowy handprint tree from Kaboose. Papa doesn’t want to join them because it’s too cold and Mama has too much work to do. After they convince Papa to come out, he discovers that sledding is too much fun to worry about being cold. Craft: Combine a craft and science experiment by making rainbow salt snowflakes.

Eastman celebrates all the fun things you can do during the winter. Eastman’s rhyming verse is written in the style of Dr. Craft: Construct an igloo from a disposable bowl. The idea came from Nuture Our Child, but we modified it to use materials we had: two paper bowls, half a toilet paper roll, and white felt. Book: Winter Friends is a book of short, fun to read poems with winter themes including the title “Recipe for a Party”, which describes making hot chocolate for friends.

Craft: Make your own cup of hot chocolate from construction paper with a tutorial at Kiboomu. I’ve also seen versions that use a glue stick and a dusting of cocoa powder to make it smell like the real thing! Book: A Penguin Story: Unlike the other penguins, Edna is looking for more than what life is currently offering her – white, black, and blue. When she finds more color, it inspires her to dream even bigger.

Craft: Practice fine motor skills while creating a circle penguin. Book: Over and Under the Snow: A girl and her father ski through the winter trees. Though it’s mostly still and white, they catch glimpses of wildlife and she becomes aware of all of the animals hidden and safe beneath the snow. Craft:  Play with own miniature snowy forest. Inner Child Fun has the details. Instead of paint, we colored our coffee filters with markers and misted them with water.

Book: Flip and Flop: Flop is a penguin whose big brother, Flip, doesn’t want to play with him. Luckily he finds Hop who is in the same situation with Hip. They play together until they discover a game that all four can play together. Craft: Make polar bear masks from I Heart Crafty Things and penguin masks from Play Pennies to reenact the story. Book:  Owl Moon: A walk in the moonlight becomes something magical when seen through the eyes of a child. The poetic language and beautiful watercolor illustrations make the reader feel as though they’re going owling in the nightime forest right along with the young girl and her father.

Old Man Winter wakes up crabby. After he does his job of spreading snow and cold, he wonders why he bothers. Then he stumbles and a little girl takes care of him. By the end of the book, he’s happy knowing who is enjoying all his hard work. Craft:  We made our own messy illustrations on snow using homemade snow spray paint. Book: The Mitten Tree: A lonely elderly woman watches the children at the bus stop each day. One wintery morning, she notices a boy who doesn’t join in the snow play because he has no mittens.