Psychiatrist called the main signs of dependence of children on social networks


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Psychiatrist Iris Hout from Germany called the key signs of children's dependence on social networks, and also explained what problems the obsessive state threatens. It turned out that addiction can provoke not only the formation of incorrect self-esteem, but also frustration or depression.

According to Iris Haut, parents should be worried about finding a teenager on the Web more than 2 hours a day, especially if for the sake of online communication, the “not strong person” neglects the school, begins to isolate himself from others and becomes indifferent to what is happening.

In order to wean a child – initially, do not accustom him to gadgets and computers. If this does happen, parents need to instill media literacy in minors and teach them, preferably by example, real communication with friends and close people.

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