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If for some reason you are raising a boy without male influence, then you should pay attention to the advice of a professional psychologist.

For a boy to grow up as a real man, you need to do the following:

let the baby stay baby. Do not deprive the boy of childhood without urgent need. Let the boy stay as little as he needs for his full development;

cultivate genuinely male qualities. Yes, it is difficult for your little son to take a male example from the person with whom he spends most of the time. However, this problem is solved: watch films about decent men with him, read books and find examples in real life;

clothes. Study with him a man’s wardrobe in the form of a game: it will be both interesting and informative;

sport. Focus on men's hobbies, give it to the study of martial arts or strength sports. The boy will develop not only the qualities inherent in a man, but also be able to follow the example of a worthy mentor;

energy output. Find a way to help relieve stress. So that he does not grow up a bully, do not scold him for the manifestation of negative emotions, but send them in the right direction. An alternative to punishment may well be exercise – pushups and squats;

love. Let your boy grow up in the knowledge that his mother loves him. After all, you face a difficult task – to love a child for two. It will be very important for the son to realize that despite the fact that his family is incomplete, there is more love here than in some families with two parents;

less emotion, more logic. Your son is the future man. And the representatives of the stronger sex are not well versed in emotions, but they understand the logic well. Therefore, try to be not emotional if your son has done something wrong, but rational: in no case do not cry, but calmly explain to him;

encourage initiative. If the child wants to take matters into his own hands or makes a reasonable offer, then let him try his hand. If he sees that you trust him, it will only strengthen your family connection and allow the child to feel your respect;

teach romance. Show him interesting places while walking. When the boy becomes a young man, unobtrusively tell him how to properly care for the girl.

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