Psychologists explained why a child is lying


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Psychologists said that sooner or later children still learn the practice of lying – a biological process created for self-defense.

All babies will lie, someone often, and someone rarely, but it is not passable.

A child lies to avoid punishment or to make his personality more valuable in the eyes of parents.

But be that as it may, a lie is child protection, which indicates the existence of a problem.

Psychologists have voiced several of the most frequent reasons for which children lie.

The first reason is the fear of punishment, especially if the methods are too cruel.

Children should not be afraid to make mistakes – this teaches their lives, especially sooner or later they will come back to his side, and he will understand that he was wrong.

Children of parents who are not very strict about misses, almost do not lie for this purpose.

The second reason – to raise self-esteem. Thus, the child wants to win the approval of the parents and feel loved.

The third reason is a protest; the older children are, the more they understand the significance of their personality, the faster they want to escape from the custody of their parents.

In a sense – a way to go against restrictions, to challenge the authority of parents.

At the age of 10–12, they feel that there is no need to tell their parents anything more.

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