Psychologists gave some tips on how to entertain the baby in the country




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Psychologists told how you can spend time with your child in the country in an interesting and profitable way.

Initially, collect all the necessary things.

Be sure to bring water and food that is familiar to the baby so that his body is rebuilt without problems.

Do not forget about sunscreens, since ultraviolet light poses a serious threat to the skin of a child.

As classes, you can arrange watering with pistols or garden watering cans, but make sure that the water is not cold, in order to avoid colds.

Also good games, and at the same time, rescue from the heat are entertainment with water balls, they can be used in a pioneer ball, relay in the relay.

In addition, psychologists recommend doing something useful from old things. For example, everyone in the country has several unnecessary things from which you can come up with toys, draw on them, sew costumes.

Such an activity will not be boring, as it develops imagination and skills of working with hands.

A summer residence is a great way to open the natural world for a child: tell your child about flowers, trees, berries, insects and animals.

Experts recommend planting the plant together, which can then be taken with you to the country.

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