Psychologists: the causes of quarrels between parents and children


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February 6, 201

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Quarrels occur in any family, especially when one of the family members is still a teenager.

All their family problems teenagers carry to school, where they have a misunderstanding with teachers and classmates, and this can lead to academic failure and problems in terms of social functions. In this case, you need to conduct psychological counseling parents of adolescents, where professional psychologists tell about the main causes of conflict situations in the family, as well as suggest ways and methods to avoid the emergence of new situations.

In psychology, there are 2 main reasons that cause quarrels between parents and their children. The first reason is the desire of parents to fulfill their dreams with the help of their offspring. And children's dreams remain just dreams. Therefore, when the wishes of parents go against the wishes of their children, quarrels arise in the family. The second cause of conflict is excessive parental control. And children, due to their age and development, strive for freedom and independence, which provokes the emergence of new conflicts.

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