Psychologists told how best to spend your teenager free time


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The puberty period is the most difficult time, not only for parents, but also for the children themselves.

Right now you should pay special attention to leisure, because if you do not provide it and do not set the right direction, then at best the child will be busy with gadgets all day, and at worst – will find a company with questionable interests.

Psychologists recommend the following activities:

1. Socially useful activity. Not only teens are helpful in helping others – you can also join the process or even gather a group of like-minded people. Remove the park from debris or coastal territory from waste products of unscrupulous tourists. Such work allows everyone to become a little better. You can go ahead and find groups in need of specific assistance and do everything in your power: help retirees with household chores, help with cleaning a large family, organize a competition for young children, etc. Here you are not limited by anything.

2. Cultural program. You can agree as follows: you will arrange for him a ticket to the concert of your favorite artist, if he visits a number of museums. He is not interested only in the beginning, but with the right approach and carefully selected exhibitions, you can instill in your child an interest in art and culture.

3. Speech It can be organized together with friends, and the parents of "artists" will perform as spectators. So you can get to know your child’s social circle better and help him reach his creative potential.

4. Go to the gym. It is necessary to develop harmoniously: to pay attention not only to the spiritual, but also to the physical form. Sign up for a gym. At first you can walk together (believe, for the health of such leisure activities – only benefits), and then he can already visit him with his friends. Such places can form a love for a healthy lifestyle: a teenager will be surrounded by people who play sports, stick to a healthy diet and look good. In addition, the gym will help hone communication skills.

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