Psychologists told how the burnout of parents affects children




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Researchers say that when daily stress becomes chronic, it leads to adult burnout.

And according to psychologists, this state of parents has a very bad effect on children.

Scientists conducted a study in which 2068 French-speaking parents who live in Belgium took part and over the course of 6 months passed several series of online surveys.

Thanks to the responses of the subjects, scientists were able to assess their level of exhaustion, as well as their propensity for violence, their desire to escape from their families and neglect the sports, emotional and educational needs of children.

As a result, the academicians managed to establish a circular relationship between parental burnout and neglect – this is when the first increases the second, and it, in turn, made burnout stronger.

As a result of this process, parents began to use violence against children.

Therefore, experts are convinced that parents should know about the benefits of taking care of themselves for the baby, Actual News reports.

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