Psychologists told how to help prepare your child for exams


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Exam – stress not only for the child, but also for his parents.

Psychologists have specifically developed 9 tips on how to help prepare.

1. Each person (even young) is able to perfectly assess their chances, because he knows the level of his training. If you see that the child is experiencing too much, then try to talk to him about a possible fiasco with future prospects.

2. If you notice that there is not enough time left before the entrance tests, and the child is calm, then you should not panic. So, he has already learned everything, and now he is gaining moral strength.

3. Sometimes during testing a stupor can occur – when everything has completely flown out of my head. Psychologists recommend not to worry, drink water and a good blink.

4. When it seems to you that the child needs the help of a psychologist, then first look into the specialist's office on your own: perhaps it is you who are very nervous and experiencing tension.

5. Help your child in case of difficulties. With a strong fear, ask him exactly which topic or question is in doubt, and go through it again.

6. Psychologists recommend repeating the material as follows: the first time to repeat almost immediately after reading, the second time – after 20-30 minutes, the third – after 8 hours and the control one – 24 hours after reading.

7. If a child is panicking, up to physical manifestations, such as chills or shaking hands, you should teach him the easiest relaxation techniques. Especially good are the options that can be carried out in public, such as breathing practices.

8. When children are very nervous, it is necessary to teach them the right ways to deal with stress. Do not allow him to prepare for exams bezvylazno – this option is not the best. Send him on a walk in the fresh air. Such physical activity will help to bring the nerves in order and return concentration.

9. On the day of the entrance examinations, in no case do not push psychologically on the child – he is already in a state of severe stress. He needs the support and care that he can receive only from you.

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