Psychologists told how to protect adolescents from drunkenness


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Experts in the field of psychologists told how to protect adolescents from drunkenness.

Quite often, children at this age get acquainted with alcohol to demonstrate their relaxedness to friends, acquaintances or to go against parents.

The fact is that these problems should not be left to chance, otherwise the consequences will be irreparable.

The teenager must be helped to make the right choice for his health.

Previously described reasons for which children begin to drink alcohol, as well as because of stressful situations.

Therefore, you need to talk with the child, but it is better to refrain from the stick and carrot method – any violence gives rise to not the best consequences.

Psychologists argue that parents should, by their own example, convince their child that alcohol is not a way out of a difficult life situation.

It is worth explaining and showing the teenager that there are many other activities that are better than alcohol.

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