Psychologists told why women talk to dogs, as with children


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Psychologists were able to explain the strange behavior of the majority of women in the presence of domestic dogs, in particular the manner in which they communicate, similar to a conversation with children.

For these purposes, all participants were shown photos of dogs. All the girls were asked to respond to each shot somehow. It was noticed that during this process, they unknowingly addressed all animals with the same intonations that they use when communicating with children.

In the second part of the experiment, the researchers asked the women to repeat their own phrases, but without showing the animals. All the statements made in a neutral voice and recorded on the recorder, then gave listen to the dogs.

It was established that the pets did not react to the neutral tones, and the “children's” voices caused them to barking and wagging their tails. At the same time, adult dogs reacted much calmer.

According to psychologists, women behave in this way because they want to be heard and get a response to their monologue.

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