Psychologists: what should be done so that the child does not suffer from an inferiority complex


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February 6, 201

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Now, in order to ensure a happy and carefree future for their child, many parents disappear for days at work. And at this time, the child is gaining momentum in an inferiority complex – it feels unnecessary.

Of course, once a year, almost every family in its entirety tries to go on vacation somewhere to relax together. But do not forget that it is worthwhile to pay enough attention to children not only during the holidays, but also on ordinary days.

For example, you can read him a book before bedtime. Thus, parents during the day can go about their business, and in the evening to spend time with their children. Do not forget that reading is very useful for the intellectual development of the child, because his imagination, logic and moral qualities are formed.

By the way, if you want to become a child friend, then take part in the games of your children. Due to this, you will not be perceived as an adult and gloomy, but, first of all, as a friend.

And, of course, do not forget about the weekend, because these are the days you must completely devote to your child.

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