Purpose of daycare centres

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Jeff started training as a young boy, entering the various family dogs into local dog shows, and has been involved with dogs all his life. The need for qualified professionals to help clients with the training purpose of daycare centres was evident from the start, and whilst Jeff still worked in management he looked to expand his knowledge taking training classes in a club with a respected local dog trainer. In 2008 Jeff and Miranda moved all dog training to a purpose built dog training centre and Sussex County Dog Training as we now know it was born.

He has been asked to guest train at other dog clubs across the country, written articles for magazines, and is a member of the committee with Lowland Search Dogs Sussex, an organization that works with the police to search for missing and vulnerable people. Miranda has been involved with dogs all her adult working life, as a Trainer and through Sussex Pet Sitters which she set up with her husband Jeff. She has also in the past worked in veterinary surgeries and as a volunteer for the RSPCA and Pets as Therapy. Miranda has been a trainer for several different dog training organisations across the south but now concentrates her time working at Sussex County Dog Training where she teaches The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Obedience, Agility and consults clients on a one to one basis. She is a dog handler for Lowland Search Dogs Sussex, an organisation that work with the police to find missing and venerable people.