Raising children according to the Doman method: advice to parents


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Glen Doman was an outstanding neurophysilologist, scientist who was able to develop a unique method of raising children, which starts from a very early age.

As a medical practitioner, Mr. Doman knew that the human brain was developing most efficiently only up to 6 years, therefore, it was necessary to start training almost immediately.

Glen Doman developed the following principles:

1. Do not hesitate in learning the necessary skills: the baby should learn to crawl as soon as possible, and then walk. With the development of physiological motility begins the knowledge of the world and yourself.

2. Do not hesitate. Once the child has successfully mastered a new knowledge or skill, it is worth moving on to the next level and laying down new information.

3. Do not be lazy. All children fill parents with "annoying" questions: it is in your power to make the child grow intellectually developed. If you wave off or explain “childishly” (this is woof-woof, and this is meow-meow), then the child’s development will be appropriate. Responsible parents should spend at least 30 seconds explaining the position they are interested in, respond in a detailed, clear and clear manner, accompanied by illustrations. If the baby just found out that there are creatures like cats, then show him photos of different breeds, explain that they are different. Do not make a discount on age: the more information is presented, the more will be stored in the memory of the child.

4. All initial training must be accompanied by special Doman cards, which can be purchased at any specialty store. They allow you to train your memory.

The technique has only one significant disadvantage: it does not take into account the child’s creative beginnings and does not allow him to be revealed, with the emphasis only on intellectual activity and mental development. On the other hand, no one forces them to work with children exclusively within the framework of this theory: its achievements can be fully combined with the classical method of education or recommendations of other eminent teachers. Apart from creativity, it’s nice to add sports with its necessary physical activities to grow a harmoniously developed personality.

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