Raising children according to the method of Steiner: practical advice


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Rudolf Steiner is not only a professional teacher, but also a philosopher, and a teacher, the founder of his movement.

His parenting style is focused more on the inner world of the child, his intellectual development through the inner world.

In world practice, Walfdorf schools and kindergartens are rarely found in their pure form, most private institutions try to combine techniques.

Pros and features:

1. Refusal of the evaluation system. These schools do not make marks, none of the students remain in the second year. Each student is unique, with his own type of thinking, so you should not approach them with some common requirements and criteria.
2. Responsibility. The Steiner method implies a large share of responsibility, discipline and autonomy.

3. Knowledge. Every day is devoted to obtaining new knowledge and skills in any field.

4. High requirements. Both parents and teachers themselves must meet high requirements. It is impossible to demand from a child a skill or quality that you yourself do not have. In addition, authority is necessary in the eyes of children.

5. Time. The first two years of study are devoted to practical skills training. General subjects begin later. Each child is given a different period of study corresponding to his personal pace.

6. History. Social life, history and literature are passed by eras. Time frames are selected taking into account the age development of children.


1. Price. Such schools are very expensive.

2. Accessibility. This kind of private pensions – a rarity and get there is quite problematic.

3. Lack of socialization. It is then extremely difficult for children to adapt to the conditions of an “ordinary” society.

What elements should be adopted: do not demand from the child to be perfect in everything. Even the philosopher Steiner came to the conclusion that each person has his own personal pace of development. You should not expect that children should be perfect in everything: allow them to develop in themselves that which the soul belongs to. Also do not forget that mom and dad should be an example for children.

By the way, 2 Hollywood actresses were brought up by the Steiner method: Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock.

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