Raising children by the method of Maria Montessori


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Maria Montessori is the founder of her own upbringing system, which has become not only revolutionary for its time, but is also actively used today.

The teachers outlined the essence of this system so that it becomes understandable to any parent:

1. Children are divided into 3 groups according to their age, which affects the teaching methods. Up to 6 years, you need to develop physiological abilities and basic skills, up to 12 – pay attention to the world around you, and up to 18 – try to build a complete picture of the world based on your own judgments.

2. The child will not be transferred to the next class until he is ready for it. And on the contrary, he can master the knowledge faster than his peers and finish his studies earlier.

3. The main thing for a mentor is the freedom of the child and the possibility of making personal choice without negative consequences.

4. Specially equipped Montessori class. Only a large room is suitable, which is divided into 6 independent zones. 1 – everything that can help master basic skills and help meet basic human needs; 2 – items that will help to explore the world, its smell, color and taste; 3 – mathematics; 4 – language learning and reading; 5 – the expansion of knowledge about the world and the universe; 6 – physical activity.

5. In every major city of developed countries there is at least one school specializing exclusively in the method of Maria Montessori. However, the largest is located in India.

Like any education system, it has its drawbacks:

1. Very expensive. As a rule, education at a Montessori school costs fabulous sums for parents. But the cost of training is justified, as the equipment of classes, the training of special teachers and the development of teaching materials are not cheap. You can try to equip the Montessori class in your home: you only spend it once.

2. The specifics of training. A number of practicing educators agree that the viewing angle of the technique is clearly limited and it lacks the integrity of the eye. It is not necessary to be an ardent supporter of Maria Montessori, but it is quite possible to take a few tricks from a cult teacher.

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