Rules of communication with a teenage child


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Parents should remember that, despite the bravado and outward self-confidence, teenagers are very vulnerable.

Observe the following rules for communicating with them:

1. Do not overwhelm them with instructions. It is better to choose those that will help them in their development. The main point is in the quality of performance, and not in speed or quantity.

2. Do not be fooled. The teenager looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Having undermined his trust once, he may never reveal to you again.

3. Do not report. He already knows that you are disappointed. Do not remind him of this once again, reinforcing his self-hatred.

4. Get closer. At this age, your child especially needs your understanding, love and care.

5. Forget about blackmail. If something is too much to prohibit, the teenager will definitely wake up interest. Try to talk to him wisely about dangerous things, rather than intimidate with the help of blackmail.

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