Russian scientists have denied the danger of gadgets for children


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Russian specialists from the HSE Institute of Education have shown that gadgets do not affect school performance.

At least, the deterioration of performance was not recorded, and in some cases even sometimes contributed to the educational process.

Such conclusions were obtained on the basis of a survey of more than 3 thousand people. It is noted that 85% of respondents have a ban on the use of gadgets in schools during the lessons.

Approximately 70% of students view educational content directly during class, which contributes to the learning process. Also, about 70% use the gadget for entertainment purposes. Psychologists do not see in these figures anything contradictory, since one person can simultaneously search for a solution to any problem on the Internet and answer a friend in social networks.

Thus, scientists recommend that educational institutions should now reconsider their attitude to modern technologies, since in the 21st century, adolescents are more adapted to mastering the new material, using various gadgets.



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