Russians will be banned from calling children "wrong names"


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Russian deputies are discussing the possibility of introducing at the legislative level a ban on parents to call their children stupid and stupid names. To date, the Family and Civil Code of Russia does not restrict parents in the choice of names.

However, in the case of approval of the bill, it will not be possible to give a name to the child if it implies the presence of only alphabetic symbols, symbols, abbreviations, profanity. In addition, you can not focus on the rank or position.

The explanatory note to the bill even gives examples of ridiculous names. For example, Nikolay-Nikita-Nil, Luka-Happiness Summerset Ocean, Daniella, Zarya-Zaryanitsa, Alyosha-Kaprin, Ocean, April, Princess Sophia-Sun and others.

Recall that in Russia there have already been cases when the child's parents named the BROF rVF 260602 (Biological object of a human of the Voronin-Frolov family, born on June 26, 2002).



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