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Please forward this school children clipart screen to 64. Learn Martial Arts in a fun friendly enviroment.

We teach children from 3 years old and up to adults of all ages. We make the classes fun while teaching to a high standard with students winning national and World titles within the club. So we are ready to offer you the chance to give our lessons and try and you can see what we do and see if we are the club for you. Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL Karate lessons now. Karate is extremely beneficial for children. We have age specific classes for children from 3 years to enhance co-ordination, balance, focus and life skills.

Karate creates a sense of achievement and builds self-confidence and the Karate Kids in our club have the most fun! Families and adults can enjoy a free Karate Lesson. Family Karate and adult Kickboxing is the exciting way to keep fit, feel energised and train in a friendly environment. No previous Martial Arts experience is needed and you don’t have to be super fit to get started.

From beginners to experts, we have classes to suit everyone. Getting Started is easy and fun! You don’t have to have any previous Martial Arts experience or be super fit to get started in our classes. Children and Adults lessons in Karate and Kickboxing. Whether your looking for a sports in Blackpool for children or Ju Jitsu, XMA, Thai Boxing, Taekwondo or Kung Fu we are the leadering martial arts club as seen in the Karate Kid.

If you have an event in Blackpool or you’re a school who would like our martial arts show or demonstration team to assist. Please contact us with your event details. Free martial arts display in Blackpool All our instructors are CRB checked and we have experience working in primary schools across the fylde coast. Blackpool Karate helps children learn skills that gives them more self-confidence. If you learn a new skill and become confident with it, that confidence carries forward into other areas of a child’s life. We can visit your school, Blackpool Scouts and Brownies groups to coach our fun and easy to learn martial arts skills for children from 3 years.