Scientists claim that parents of depressed adolescents need specialist help.


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Recently, widespread depression among adolescents.

Scientists are seriously interested in this issue and came to unexpected conclusions.

Specialists at Northwestern University (Northwestern University) in the course of the study found that depression should be treated not only for a teenager, but also for parents.

Although it is well known that adolescent depression is stressful for parents and families, it is one of the few studies that study how adolescent depression affects family relationships and, in turn, how family relationships affect children's psychological well-being.

The study involved 322 young people with a diagnosis of clinical depression. The experiment lasted for 36 weeks. During this period, adolescents received treatment, and scientists simultaneously recorded the psychological state of the child and his family members.

The study showed that in adolescents who were constantly supported by their parents and showed their participation in the problem in every possible way, the depressive symptoms passed more quickly.

The situation was completely reversed in families where the child had to cope with their symptoms on their own. Adolescents from such families are much more difficult to respond to treatment.

Experts believe that this is directly related to the mental disorders of the parents themselves. Therefore, they also need the advice of doctors.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Howard, explained: “We must always remember that adolescent depression can affect families and that parents of depressed adolescents may need support, and this is perfectly reasonable.”

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