Scientists: early learning to read can negatively affect children's grammar skills


Scientists early learning to read can negatively affect children39s grammar


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Academicians from the Max Planck Institute, together with the European University in Jerusalem, studied the relationship between grammar skills and early childhood education.

As scientists assume, when teaching children in such subjects as writing and reading begins at an early age, it does great harm to the child's ability to write correctly.

Researchers conducted an experiment in which six-year-old children took part who could not read. The essence of the experience was that the children watched videos in a foreign language and with captions, and then tried to establish a link between the words.

And it turned out that each of the subjects caught the connection between the grammatical features of words, but they could not be remembered.

Then, scientists repeated the experiment when children were taught to read.

Now, participants easily managed to memorize new words, but it was difficult to see the connection between grammatical features. Therefore, academics recommend starting learning foreign languages ​​with grammar.

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