Scientists explain why children kick in the womb


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Academics conducted an experiment that established the cause of kicking children in the womb.

A group of researchers conducted a number of studies, in particular, they measured the brain waves of babies when they moved during the night rest. The analysis showed that there is a certain pattern of brain activity, which is characteristic of the newborn.

For example, when a baby moves its right limbs, neurons shoot the right hemisphere. Also, in children who were born prematurely, the size of these waves is much larger, which means that kicks to the fetus in the third trimester help with sensory input.

It is noted that approximately 20 babies, who were two days old, took part in the study.

To measure brain waves, scientists used an electroencephalogram.

The main task of the experiment was to study information that in the future could help facilitate some procedures for caring for newborns.

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