Scientists explain why lying is good for the brain of children




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It turns out that if a child is constantly deceiving adults – good. The most amazing thing is that the sooner he begins to do this, the better for the brain.

Paradoxically, cognitive skills are trained through lies: small Pinocchio will outperform their peers in development.

This conclusion was reached by a group of international scientists from the USA, China, Singapore, Canada.

The study involved 43 children, whose age was 3 years.

Kids were not publicly divided into groups: liars and honest ones.

Then they played a game with them: the child had to hide the treats in one hand, and the adult had to guess in which hand the gift was.

Then, experts in the field of psychology conducted tests with children.

And, as it turned out, the children who lied began to better understand the intentions of other people than those who did not.

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