Scientists explain why strict mothers raise successful children.


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Education is a topic shrouded in all sorts of techniques, rules, myths and advice. It is often difficult to figure out how to properly raise a child so that he will be successful in the future. After all, parents are laying the foundation for a successful life of their children.

Scientists conducted a study and found out what model of behavior a mother should have in order for a child to feel confident in adulthood and to achieve heights.

In 2010, scientists selected 15,000 adolescents aged 13-14 years. For 6 years, they watched how their lives were formed, and also regularly offered parents a specially prepared survey about their children. It turned out that most often the mother is “nagged” by the child, and it is the mother who behaves more strictly with the children than the father.

As a rule, children did not react very happily to the constant remarks, but later admitted to the researchers that they helped them to maintain concentration.

Scientists also found out what the strictness of the mothers manifested in and what exactly they forced their children to do.

Domestic help

Probably, when you are a teenager, it’s hard for you to understand why you have to do something around the house. However, experts believe that children who have household responsibilities grow into successful adults. It’s not a problem for them to work with others. It sounds strange, but if a child does the dishes, takes out the garbage or vacuums, he has the feeling that he is helping the family. Such children in the future work well in a team, as they carry this feeling through their lives. Another plus: according to statistics, children in the future will do their homework better and work independently.

Early learning math

The study, which was attended by almost 30,000 preschoolers, proved that children who began to learn mathematics at an early age had a great advantage over their peers in the future. This concerns not only the subject of mathematics, but also the rest.

Instilled a hard character

This feature allows you to maintain interest in long-term goals. Also, the strength of character helps children imagine the future they want to create, and also not lose their motivation.

Great expectations

On the one hand, this is similar to parental pressure. However, studies have shown that children, from whom parents constantly demanded the conquest of new peaks, retained this rule in adult life. It brought them success.


There are three styles of education: liberal, authoritarian and authoritative.

Liberal parents allow children to do whatever they want, and never punished. Authoritarian parents, on the contrary, control their children in everything and try to shape their character according to their special standards. Authoritative parents guide the child through life and make him think rationally. Experts believe that the most effective style is authoritative. He teaches children to respect the authorities, but not to experience the consequences of parental oversight.

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