Scientists figured out how to keep children away from fast food


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American psychologists seem to have found a way to disaccustom children to fast food.

Everyone knows that popular fast food is not particularly helpful. And this is at best. The children's body and the body of a teenager need nutrients and elements contained only in healthy foods.

But the popularity of fast food in the children's environment is incredibly high. How to wean the child from the harmful and feed useful?

Psychologists suggested that children should be treated as adults: tell them about the marketing tricks of large network companies that specialize in fast food. Scientists have divided the guys into several groups.

One team used a standard technique: a story about the benefits of healthy eating. The second team decided to visually show all the marketing moves and offered to repeat them in practice. Predictably, the guys from the second team decreased their consumption of junk food by 31%. Psychologists are advised to repeat this exercise every 3 months.

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