Scientists: For 18 years, mother infects from a child over 300 times


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Medical specialists conducted entertaining calculations that suggest that until the child reaches her 18th birthday, the mother manages to get infected from her offspring more than 300 times. It has also been established that such diseases are easier for mothers than for fathers.

Experts have noticed an interesting fact that after the birth of the child, the mother begins to get sick more often than before the birth. Such conclusions are based on the results of a survey of more than 2,000 women.

The reason for this reaction lies in the fact that the immunity of a woman weakens over time, as the child “takes away” a large amount of nutrients from its parent that protect the health of the mother.

The main diseases that children transmit to their parents are colds or the flu. So, moms on average, suffer from 54 colds, and also 108 times face sore throats and runny nose.

Also, in 18 years women on average suffer 36 food poisonings. There is also the likelihood of lice in the hair that the child brings from school.



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