Scientists have come up with a "fast" way to treat stuttering


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Stuttering is a very complex disease that needs to be treated for a long time and not only with a speech therapist, but also with a psychotherapist. Academics from the UK have come up with a new method of treating stuttering.

People who have problems with stuttering, carried out a small stimulation of the brain with the help of current. And it should be said that the method really eased the disease – there was ease of communication.

According to some reports, stuttering is a far-off disease among children. Approximately one out of 20 children lives in a certain age when they start stuttering. However, basically the disease goes away by itself: the person outgrows it.

With regard to the new method of treatment, the electrodes connected to the temples, pass a weak current, which is almost imperceptible for patients. With the help of current, neurons are stimulated at a certain part of the brain; this allows you to create new neural connections that are responsible for free speech more quickly.

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