Scientists have developed a new test that predicts the level of intelligence of the unborn child


Scientists have developed a new test that predicts the level


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For very curious future moms and dads, experts invented a new amazing technique.

A group of academics launched a new methodology that can calculate the IQ of the future child.

True, this method will be available only if the future parents will go on artificial insemination. And with natural conception this, unfortunately, cannot be done at the moment.

Also, experts note that it is impossible to make a 100% calculation, but it’s quite realistic to calculate with the most probable accuracy. The test will show how high the risk of cognitive impairment, which is almost always accompanied by a drop in the level of intelligence.

According to experts, this method will help many parents to draw a conclusion in the direction of “for” or “against”, because sometimes moms and dads have very high demands on their children, even if it has not yet been born.

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