Scientists have discovered a link between finger length and human income


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February 6, 2017

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Russian scientists from the Higher School of Economics claim that they are able to determine a person’s material well-being before birth, i.e. being in the womb.

According to researchers, a person's ability to "make money" depends on the level of testosterone in the blood.

In turn, to determine the level of testosterone can be the length of the fingers of the newborn, which does not change with the passage of life.

To confirm their theory, scientists invited 700 men and 900 women aged 25–60 years to participate in the experiments, in which they studied the length of the fingers of volunteers and the level of income.

It was found that women who had a low ratio of the length of the index and ring fingers had a higher salary. At the same time, the representatives of the stronger sex, whose index fingers were shorter than the ring fingers, had greater financial success.

Unfortunately, scientists cannot yet scientifically explain this phenomenon.



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