Scientists have dispelled all the myths about childbirth after 30 years




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As it turned out, common myths about pregnancy after 30 are only half true.

For example, according to WHO statistics, 14% of women up to 27 years experience problems with conception, and after 30 years 16%.

As we can see, the difference is almost imperceptible.

The second myth is that after 30 years the chance of miscarriage of a baby increases.

Again taking into account the WHO statistics, losing a child in women after thirty is 1.5% more than in younger women.

Exactly the same situation with miscarriages.

According to experts, a successful pregnancy does not depend on age, but on the lifestyle that the future mother led and leads.

If it is possible to have a healthy child without IVF, it is possible even after 60 years.

By the way, about IVF – women under 40 years of age do not use these services and they are only relevant in 20% of cases, which is not the case of women under 35 years old – almost 50% of girls use IVF.

And the only factor that is really more characteristic of women in labor after 35 years is genetic abnormalities in children.

At this age, a really great chance to give birth to an unhealthy child.

In this case, a forty-year-old woman who leads a healthy lifestyle, the risk of having a child with disabilities is exactly the same as that of a twenty-year-old girl with bad habits.

Experts emphasize that the probability of having a baby with Down syndrome in women over 40 is 1: 100.

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