Scientists have figured out how to protect children from depression


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Norwegian psychologists from the University of Science and Technology argue that the development of depression in children aged 6-10 years directly depends on their physical mobility.

Such conclusions were made according to the results of tests with the participation of 800 children aged 6 years, 700 children aged 8 years and 700 preteen children.

Fixing the activity of children was performed using a special device. It is shown that the greatest mobility is demonstrated by six-year-old children. But the children became less active at the age of 8 years, and then according to the indicators are children who have turned 10 years old.

Comparing the data obtained with the psycho-emotional state of children, the scientists came to the conclusion that the more children move, the less they are affected by depressive moods. In other words, children who are lazy, much more often suffer from depression.

As a result, if you want your child to always be in a great mood, then with age you should increase physical activity.



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