Scientists have found that alcoholism is inherited


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Researchers from the University of Dallas (USA) warn that the craving for alcohol can be inherited. In other words, it was proved that children can inherit the habit in the womb from their parents.

Such disappointing conclusions were made public on the results of an experiment on laboratory mice. It is noted that in mice there is a gene that transmits the next generation of love for some food, drinks and even smells.

A similar gene was found in the human body, which was responsible for the transfer of food addictions, including alcohol. In support of this, scientists advise to look at their children. Of course, you will see that the child prefers the same ingredients as his parents.

To date, scientists are looking for ways to turn off the "bad" gene. However, at this stage, not enough knowledge in the field of genetics and intervention in the human genome can lead to irreversible consequences.



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