Scientists have found that children need to be taught thanks




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Researchers argue that resentment for children is an absolutely natural occurrence, unlike gratitude – this feeling needs to be taught from an early age.

Academics have developed a simple computer game aimed at children from 4 to 8 years old.

The game has 4 stages. In the first stage, all players were given stickers, except for the child. But after a certain time, one of the users sent him some kind of reward.

At the second stage it was necessary to transfer the second sticker.

Academics assumed that the player would thank his former well-wisher and give him a second sticker.

However, children's logic worked in a completely different way: when the kids were asked to give out new prizes, they did not manage the new ones, but their old ones.

And so it was in all other games.

In the case when we talk about grievances, the children remembered the ill-wisher and at such a young age they came up with a plan of revenge, which they implement after they even the score.

Researchers concluded that the kids who are grateful for, listened to the opinions of others and did good deeds, but if they do not talk about it, the child will grow as described in the second case, according to Actual News.

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